Alcohol. What’s the problem?

Up to one million people in the North West
drink enough to put their health at risk.
That’s one in seven of us.

It’s vital that we re-balance the North West’s relationship with alcohol because of the damage it is causing to people’s health – we have the highest incidence of alcohol-related deaths in England.


However, alcohol harm also damages our economy, and not just because of the cost to the NHS.
The bills for tackling associated crime and domestic violence, fires, road accidents, absenteeism at work – the list goes on – are huge.


Many people in the North West have decided that enough is enough and have begun a movement to secure a healthier, safer North West free from alcohol harm. A growing number of people are calling for a range of tougher measures to curb the damage caused by alcohol.


There are many of us who want change. Now is the time to come together to make it happen.

Who We Are

Drink Wise was formed to help minimise the harm caused by alcohol. Working for the NHS and Local Authorities in the North West, we raise awareness of alcohol harm and ways to reduce the negative impacts of alcohol. We also help the NHS and Local Authorities to provide alcohol related support and services.


Drink Wise has received funding from the North West NHS Directors of Public Health to provide a comprehensive alcohol advocacy and improvement programme. From April 2012 Drink Wise merged with Our Life.