Christmas pub crawls could end in tragedy

A leading Irish addiction counsellor has slammed any premises which allow customers to take part in the ’12 Pubs of Christmas’ bar crawl as “hugely reckless”.

From Connacht Tribune

Joe Treacy, an accredited counsellor with the Addiction Counsellors of Ireland, warned that people are dicing with death by taking part in the ‘tradition’, which has gained huge traction amongst young people over the past decade.

It involves having one drink in a dozen pubs over the course of an afternoon or evening.

And he pleaded with any groups taking part in the 12 Pubs to avoid drinking shots, and to make sure nobody is allowed to wander away by themselves.

The Yes Woman: Why I’m searching for a sense of self at Al-Anon meetings

This week, I’ve undertaken a very personal challenge. Growing up amid alcoholismcreates obvious psychological consequences. After the breakdown of my parents’ marriage, my mother encouraged us to see a counsellor. I refused.From The Irish Times

In my teens, she encouraged me to go to Al Aateen, the support group for teens living with an addict in the family. Again I refused. Although I was deeply scarred by the abandonment of my father, I preferred to allow my grief to curl around me to the point of strangulation, believing the similar experiences of others could not have an impact on mine. Thinking myself beyond comfort and beyond love, I retreated into isolation.

Call for ban on alcohol advertising at sport events

December, 2014

Call for ban on alcohol advertising at sport events

he Government has been told to end alcohol sponsorship of sports clubs and ban any advertising of beer, wine and spirits during televised matches by a ministerial forum.

From New Zealand Herald

The forum, chaired by former rugby league coach and businessman Graham Lowe, concluded after a two-year inquiry that the total cost of alcohol-related harm in this country was “enough to justify further restrictions on alcohol advertising and sponsorship”.

The six-person panel was set up by former Justice Minister Judith Collins as part of alcohol law reforms in 2012.

Legal drugs cause 75% of poisoning deaths

December, 2014

Legal drugs cause 75% of poisoning deaths

Legal drugs, including prescription medication and alcohol, account for three out of four of all deaths directly due to the effects of drugs.

From the Irish Examiner

Tranquillisers known as benzodiazepines, methadone and anti-depressant medication, along with alcohol, accounted for 262 of the 350 deaths from poisoning in 2012.

Illegal drugs were implicated in the remaining 87 deaths, or just a quarter of the overall total, according to official figures.